Riccardo Cacelli

Ceo and Founder
Strategic consultancy and international relations (political and economic)
Contact: r.cacelli@cacelli.com

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Davide Balzano

Sector Consultant
Technology Media Telecomunication – Company Marketing
Contact: d.balzano@cacelli.com

Danilo Campestrin
Danilo Campestrin

M&A Consultant
M&A, Financial
Contact: d.campestrin@cacelli.co.uk

Fabian Pagni

Sector Consultant
Football Digital Strategic Scouting
Contact: f.pagni@cacelli.com

Cecilia Pagni
Sector Consultant
Sport and Entertainment
Contact: c.pagni@cacelli.co.uk

Prince Ayobamidele

Managing Director Mageeco Football Academy
Young players Football Coach
Contact: p.ayobamidele@cacelli.co.uk

Carlos Goncalves
International relations (Portugal and Spain)
Contact: c.goncalves@cacelli.com

Image result for luca sbrantiLuca Sbranti
Senior Legal Consultant
consultancy and international relations (Italy)
Contact: l.sbranti@cacelli.co.uk