Do you want to show your players your opponent’s set play tactics?

Do you need to study, along with your goalkeeper, which players have scored penalties from the start of the season and where they’ve placed them?

Panini Digital has the product for you, the Team Video Report

The Team Video Report (TVR) is a 15-minute video examined and put together by our video analysts, all ex professional players, able to highlight the different tactics, in possession and without possession of the ball, adopted by a team over the course of a game.

Usually, the Team Video Report is created by taking into consideration the opponent’s last three matches, even if managers almost always additionally ask us for the TVR of the last game played by their team.

The expertise and professionalism of our video analysts in creating the Team Video Report, ensure that various clubs prefer to leave us to conduct the tactical analysis of the opponent, especially when they don’t have a video analyst.

The Team Video Report is normally spit into:


  • Start and development
  • Free-kicks awarded
  • Penalty takers
  • Goals scored


  • Defensive setup
  • Free-kicks conceded
  • Goals conceded

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