Do you have a training facility with various pitches and want to be able to shoot the training sessions of the first team and youth team matches?

Panini Digital has the product for you, the DigitalCAM PRO camera system

The DigitalCam PRO system is based on the same philosophy as DigitalCAM 2.0, but in this case, a special robotic video camera is used which can be controlled via a joystick connected to the camera via the internet. In this way, you can zoom in and follow the action, to better highlight particular situations of play or player movements.

Thanks to the fact it can be controlled remotely, this video camera can be fixed to a pre-existing structure (light installation, roof, etc..) or a mobile telescopic column, and just one DigitalCAM PRO can cover adjacent fields. It is connected to the computer via a normal Ethernet cable.

The DigitalCAM PRO system is composed of:

  • IP PTZ HD video camera for video surveillance
  • Computer IP with video recorder functions, to remotely control the video camera
  • Batteries, power supplies, cables and accessories
  • Shock absorbent and waterproof hard case for easy and secure transport of the system
  • Telescopic column (3-20 m) if you’re interested in the mobile solution

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