Do you need to record matches with a shot that takes in the entire length of the field, in order to study the movements of all 11 of your players in detail?

Do you want to video training sessions with a video camera that gives you a wide shot of the field?

Panini Digital has the product for you, the DigitalCAM 2.0 camera system

DigitalCAM 2.0 is a high resolution camera system that uses a special wide angle Full HD video camera that allows the operator to record matches, or training sessions, by using a long shot of the entire field, from goal to goal.

Using DigitalCAM 2.0, you can avoid the drawback of normal TV coverage, where the camera has the area of action constantly in frame.

The video is recorded directly onto a computer in compressed format. In this way, the footage can immediately be used on the DigitalLOG video server for analysis, tagging and video montages, similar to normal TV programmes.

The DigitalCAM 2.0 system is composed of:

  • IP HD video camera for video surveillance
  • Special wide-angle lens to meet the different filming requirements
  • Computer IP with video recorder function
  • Batteries, power supplies, cables and accessories
  • Shock absorbent and waterproof hard case for easy and secure transport of the system
  • Photographic stand (heigh 1-3 m.)

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