Do you want to organize tactical analysis sessions for your team or opponent team, drawing directly on videos while streaming images?

With the DigitalBOARD tactical board, to convey your football ideas to players, it has never been so easy and intuitive.

DigitalBOARD is an interactive multi-screen projection system (multiple projectors or screens that can be connected) and multi-surface (top of desks, walls, projection screens, etc.) that allows you to draw directly on the contents and images that flow, so give make it easy, intuitive and impact every technical-tactical meeting.

Highlighting weaknesses, enhancing strengths, displaying key gaming situations, becomes easy and immediate with the DigitalBOARD tactical board, making it an ideal complement to DigitalCAM tactical shooting systems.

The DigitalBOARD system is designed and built to match perfectly with videos processed and produced by the DigitalLOG software and is inspired by the expensive and complex solutions used in television broadcasting.

The entire system is easily transportable, and is also used in the team’s away races.

The DigitalBOARD system consists of:
• Interactive digital projector with special optics and pens for interaction and freehand design;
• Wall or table mounting brackets;
• Cables and adapters for interfacing to other projection systems;
• Rigid, shockproof and waterproof case for easy and safe transportation of the system.

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