Do you need to study how your team and your players performed in the last few games played?

Do you want to know if your opponent employs a different playing system for home and away games?

Panini Digital can offer you the best statistical report on the market, the Team Report

The Team Report is the second statistical report devised by Panini Digital in .pdf format. This easy-to-read document, just a few pages long, studies, based on the stats, the state of health of a single club in a football competition.

The Team Report summarises 500 statistical items available for each match scouted, into a few key concepts, by examining the entire football competition or part of it, for example, by analysing a team’s performance after a change of manager, to conduct a before and after comparison.

To recap, the Team Report is able to highlight:

  • Day-to-day team performance
  •  Squad list with general information
  • Matches played with a summary score
  • Score comparison between matches played at home and away
  • Tactical setups
  • Territorial coverage
  • Finalisation study
  • Set play analysis
  • Analysis of goals scored/conceded
  • Team standings
  • Player standings

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