Do you need to prepare a tactical analysis of your opponent, by creating a video to show to your players?

Do you want to perform statistical comparisons between your team and championship opponents?

Are you a manager or a sports trainer and want to catalogue the training exercises to be performed over the course of a season?

Do you need to see the images tagged by your talent scouts scouring the world looking for the new Messi?

Panini Digital has the product for you, the DigitalLOG video server

Without beating about the bush, we can easily confirm that the flagship product is DigitalLOG, a vast database with video server functions which contains everything the technical staff needs to carry out, completely independently, any type of technical/IT-related task connected with their team.

Like with a single large container, in the DigitalLOG video server, you can import and synchronise:

  • Non-indexed games
  • Games indexed by Panini Digital
  • Games indexed by the customer by using the DigitalLOG video server
  • Games indexed by the customer by using iDigitalScout
  • Games and training sessions recorded using DigitalCAM 2.0 and DigitalCAM PRO video cameras


By taking advantage of the 1,500 Panini Digital tags and the manual tags collected directly by the customer, DigitalLOG allows you to immediately run searches by player, team, area of the field, technical skill, tactical situation and minute/second of play.

In order to see how a team takes corners from the right or uses set plays, or to study the penalty takers of an opposing side, just match the name of the player or the team to one of the hundreds of items that can be searched in DigitalLOG, and the system displays the requested images in just a few seconds.

To further speed up the analysis and study of images, Panini Digital offers its customers DigitalSHUTTLE, a special multimedia controller programmed on an ad-hoc basis for the DigitalLOG system, equipped with a jog/shuttle control knob, which allows you skip the video forwards or backwards at different speeds, check the timeline with frame precision and add your own tags, saving considerable time and effort.

Creating and developing tactical analysis videos has never been so easy and intuitive, but the DigitalLOG video server is much more…

Thanks to the constant additions made by the Research and Development division, the DigitalLOG video server can offer other functionalities geared towards the integrated management of one or more football teams. Just think of clubs for which it is a priority to integrate the data of the first team with that of the youth teams in a single database.

The DigitalLOG video server can be used to:

  • Watch games
  • Tag match videos
  • Tag training session videos
  • Run video searches by action type, area of the field, player or team name, simultaneously on several games, by using the 1,500 Panini Digital tags
  • Run video searches by using the tags collected directly by the customer through DigitalLOG or iDigitalSCOUT
  • Play video montages
  • Highlight, using the tactics board function, particular playing situations while viewing the videos
  • Programme, analyse and study training sessions
  • Manage and archive physical tests
  • Archive the status of injured players
  • Catalogue the tactical drills
  • Design animated tactical diagrams to show to players
  • Carry out personalised statistical studies per player or team
  • Import the tags collected using iDigitalSCOUT
  • Import the images recorded using DigitalCAM 2.0 and PRO
  • Import the matches
  • Control the titling of the DigitalCam 2.0 and DigitalCAM PRO systems


The DigitalLOG video server is the ideal tool available to technical staff for the all-round management of a football team.

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