Do you want to study the Barcelona-Bayern Munich game based on statistics, instead of the Italy-Brazil game?

Panini Digital can offer you the best statistical report on the market: Match Analysis

The Match Analysis is an easy-to-read pdf document, consisting of just a few pages, which offers our customers the possibility of studying the individual football match based on the numbers.

The Match Analysis summarises the 500 statistical items available for each game scouted by our technicians into a few key concepts, recommended by the managers we’ve worked with over the years and who suggested which direction we should take.

Every time match scouting is performed in real time, we are able to send the Match Analysis in a simple e-mail within 10 minutes from the end of the game, allowing the manager to quickly look over the document before conducting interviews with the press.

But the Match Analysis is not just a brilliant work tool for coaches…

Inside, sports journalists from the printed press can find interesting ideas for writing their articles, just like the TV broadcasters with football-themed channels can use the Match Analysis for technical insights on the matches to be commented on.

To recap, the Match Analysis is able to highlight:

  •  General info on the game played
  •  Team formations and tactical setups
  •  Team scores
  •  Comparison between 1st and 2nd half by system and density of play
  •  Focus on squad finalisations
  •  Territorial coverage of the main technical moves
  •  Scout and density of play of all players
  •  Flows of play
  •  Players’ impact on the game
  •  Technical/tactical style of the match


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